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How to Burn Belly Fat.. ASAP!

How can you get rid of stubborn belly fat? Here are 5 easy steps towards a flat belly .. 1. Eat a Health Snack between 3-4pm I’m not talking about doughnuts nor curry laksa (curry noodles). I mean something like  a snack that contains protein, such as a protein bar, a piece of low-fat cheese, or […]

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How to Burn Fat Faster

How does one Burn Fat Faster? How does one get the perfect shape that one desires, just like in the magazines? Well, the key to caloric demolition is to workout in the “fat burning zone” in which you burn a greater percentage of fat calories. You can only get there by doing moderate to hard exercise, and […]

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12 Ways to Burn More Fat

Who wants to burn more fat, hands up! Everybody hates excess fat that builds up in an unsightly manner and makes it hard for you to fit into your size 6 jeans. I think that there’s hardly anyone out there, who would not like to flatten that stomach, wave bye bye to those love-handles or tone […]

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