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Farmer's Market - Organic Vegetables

Eating Tips for the busy Woman

Where does the time go each day? I look at my watch, and it’s already 5pm! Well, here are our eating tips for the busy Woman… You’re busy. I’m busy. We aren’t getting any less busy, anytime soon. Well, good news is we have some tips for the busy woman and how to eat right. […]

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asparagus-artichoke-pasta salad

White Asparagus for the Detox

It’s white asparagus season! Let’s all indulge in some healthy recipes for this week.. Do you need to eat constantly and entertain for dinner? Are red meats and rich foods a regular part of your dinner or dining habits? Well exercise alone is good, but adding detox and healthy eating is even better. Layering your […]

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Are bagels healthy?

You’re late for work and running on empty. You decide to grab a bagel on the way. Well, you think to yourself, it’s much better nutritionally than fast food or doughnuts. Or is it? Some folks who are 100% pro the Dr. Atkins’ Diet would beg to differ, but I think occasional carbs for breakfastin the mornings […]

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