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Spruce up your lunch with the Mason Jar

Never a dull lunch… with the Mason Jar ! 

If you are someone who loves raw foods and like to prepare them and take them away to work etc, then have no fear – here’s the answer to boring, mundane take away lunches.

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The mason jar.

Simple yet effective.

If you are lazy like me, you can prepare 5 jars, one for each day of the week. The key is to layer it, and always start with the dressing right at the bottom and leafy greens, right on top. If you are a carbo fan, layer the carbs in between. The key is putting the dressing right at the bottom. This means you can make all your different salads on Monday, and it will keep 5 days. You just need to extract it from the fridge before you leave for work.

When the time comes to eat, take it out of the fridge, and shake it up. Remember to leave some room at the top of the jar for this. But have no fear, if you’ve stacked it too tightly (like I do sometimes), then just eat away at the top, stop and cover – and shake it up some more. Repeat this and the salad will soon be perfect!


Here’s my favourite recipe for the Mason Jar.. enjoy!

2 tbsp lemon vinaigrette

1/2 teaspoon of truffle oil

1 table spoon of diced  fresh mozzarella

turkey chunks or roasted pork chunks (with crackling!)

a tea spoon of chopped up sun dried tomatoes

a table spoon of chia seeds and flaxseeds

a table spoon of cooked shiitake mushrooms

rocket salad and spinach leaves to complete the top






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2 Responses to Spruce up your lunch with the Mason Jar

  1. missyblurkit March 25, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

    brilliant idea…I am going to do it for my lunch box soon!

    • ciki March 25, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

      fab.. tell me how it turns out.. and what you put in your salad:)

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