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PostPartum Fitness – Bringing Sexy Back!

Have u noticed how the back often gets neglected?

When it comes to back training, you can’t see your back when training it, which makes it harder to achieve that mind muscle connection. But you really need to train both your upper and lower back in order to be an overall balanced athlete and have a respectably strong core.


After having a baby, your Abs take a bit of a beating, but less obvious to many moms, is the fact that, so does your Back. 9 months of carrying a weight in front of you means that your center of gravity would have inevitably shifted to compensate for the burden you carry. After birth, and despite what Instagram photos of celebrity moms would have you believe, everything is a mess. You need to realign your body once more. I always harp on Abs and Core workout, but equally important is the Lower and Upper back.

Today was back day. And it was good.

☑50 min Fartlek (interval or speed training that can be effective in improving speed and endurance)
☑3×20 Bend Over single dumbell row, alternating sides
☑3 x 20 Deadlifts
☑3x 15 Standing T-Bar Row
☑3 x 15 Wide-Grip Seated Cable Row




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