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That madness called a Growth Spurt, is real!

Wow, blogging and motherhood do not go hand in hand I tell you.

Where does all the time go?

One minute I’m sitting down the get some work down, the next I’m running to answer a cry;) Still, motherhood has its rewards, of course.

6 weeks post partum.. glad I got my exercise mojo back..

Anyway, just to let you know, that thing called a GROWTH SPURT.. it is real!


Two days of working out derailed. Mummy ie. I, almost had a meltdown. Basically, the baby went through two days of refusing to eat, sleep, being extra fussy, crying etc. Then eating frenzy every hour followed by prolonged hours of sleep. All of a sudden, her clothes don’t fit anymore, it’s like she grew overnight.

comotomo – expensive but worth it..

If any of you are planning on breast-feeding exclusively, but intend to go back to work, all I can say is introduce the bottle EARLY! Our girl went on a hunger strike refusing to take breast milk expressed and fed to her in a bottle by daddy. Of course it’s good to show that she’s feisty and has a personality of her own, but like I said, mum almost had a meltdown worrying. Anyway, if you new moms plan to go back to work, do not give in! She will eventually take your BM through the bottle. If you give in, you may never go back to work. I know it sounds cruel but persist, and hunger will win! Besides you are giving her the best, but only through a bottle. Just make sure it’s the right sort of bottle – we use comotomo, which mimics the breast and is anti-colic (ok no such thing as we found out, but “less” colicky if you like).


Anyway, after all that drama.. one look at this smile and it’s all worthwhile again. Haha! Mum & Dad are suckers right?


And after two days of lack of sleep and this madness, this morning’s 10km run was amazing. Finished off with abs workout, and planking for 2 minutes on a beam was the highlight.. haha! On an even happier note, got a new hairdo. Giving the hair the chop was the best thing I tell ya.. Like my lilac highlights? And bubs is much calmer having emerged on the right side of a growth spurt. Yay mum. Yay dad. Yay bubs.

Only a couple more growth spurts to go (good lord). Can’t wait! 😛

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