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Going Green

Going Green.. not something people talk about much these days. I remember Going Green (and Global Warming) was such a buzz word/topic, about 10 years ago. So what’s changed?

A lot. And unfortunately, for the worse, I’d say. Our food choices, which include production, transport, processing, packaging, storage, and preparation, may be a significant contributor to global warming.

The highly processed foods that have become a big part of our diets often require barrels of oil to create and deliver to our dinner plates, and are often low in nutrient value as well. Your food choices not only contribute to your state of health, both current and future, but also are a significant part of your overall carbon footprint.

The good news is that healthy, flavor- ful, and good-to-eat foods are entirely possible while also easing the load of your carbon footprint.

Here are some tips for lean and green eating:

1. Eat less red meat. The amount of beef in your diet is one of the biggest factors in your global impact.

2. Ban the bottled water. Liquids are one of the heaviest items to ship, and their plastic containers are filling landfills.

3. Snack sustainably. This is good for your waist as well as your waste. Ditch the processed snack foods and choose whole, real foods instead.

4. Be an efficient shopper. Minimize shopping trips to different stores if possible, reuse bags, and shop the bulk bins. Also, become a locavore. Eat locally (or regionally) and seasonally to the extent that you can.

5. Compost your food waste. Food scraps are about 12 percent of a family’s household waste and emit powerful warming gases in landfill. Regenerate them into healthy soil instead!

6. Cook in more, take out less. Dining out significantly increases a food’s carbon footprint, especially if there is packaging.

7. Practice “hara hachi bu.” The Okinowan phrase hara hachi bu translates as “eat until you are eight parts full.” Slow down while you eat, and give your stomach time to tell your brain you are full.

8. Limit highly packaged, single-serving snacks, foods, and beverages. Hit the bulk aisle and bulk up instead.

9. Pack a sandwich for lunch. Make your own lunch and bring it with you. If it’s peanut butter and jelly or almond butter with local jam on whole-grain bread, it’s fast, easy, healthy, and greener too!

10. And finally, my favourite… save water.. bath with a friend, your hubby/wife or your kids! 🙂


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  1. The Yum List October 14, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    Love your tips! Please write more of these articles. You’re right, it seemed Going Green was all the buzz a few years back but has now been forgotten by many. Our global situation hasn’t improved and doing what is easy isn’t always what’s right. Generally what’s good for your body is good for the earth too.

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