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Dance & Sizzle Workshop .. Now everyone Can Dance!

Everyone can dance. The movements and rhythm of dance do wonderful things for your body and shape, while filling you with exhilaration and a sense of achievement.

Here’s a chance to learn four types of dance all in a day’s workshop – Belly, K Pop, Salsa Shine and Chair Dance.

burn & sizzle workshop

This Sizzle and Dance Workshop will take place at the New Star Studio in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday October 19, from 10am to 5pm. Each session will last one and a half hours.

The workshop has been organized by dance teacher and performer Jenni Tan, fitness and dance instructor Pauline Chang and Samantha Chin, a corporate image brand consultant with a passion for dance.

The workshop is targeted at women who have no experience of dance but who would like to learn.

The aim of the workshop is also:

· To create awareness on the benefits and artistic culture of various dances.

· To encourage women of all ages, shapes and sizes to participate in dance as a way of life

· To promote dance as a healthy form of exercise

· To boost confidence and have fun

The cost of the Sizzle and Dance Workshop is RM380/- if you register before October 6. After that the fee will be RM580/-.


Jenni: 012-9208060, email: [email protected]

Pauline: 010-2218712, email: [email protected]

Samantha: 016-2386370, email: [email protected]


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