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10 Tips for Healthier Living

Bored of your workout routine, unable to stick to a healthier diet or just plain bored of life?

Here are 10 Tips for Healthier Living, which will ensure you never get bored of maintaining a healthier lifestyle:


1. Don’t waste your calories on drinks. Drink water instead, and save your calories for real food!

2. Use less salt, no sugar, and even less artificial seasoning. Eat raw foods wherever you can. Experiment with fresh and new ingredients from the supermarket to keep things interesting. Your body will feel (and look) 10 years younger!

3. No time to work out? Set your alarm to wake you up 30 minutes earlier. Make exercise a priority and part of your everyday routine.

4. Your lifestyle is highly influenced by the people close to you. To be fit, surround yourself with fit people.

5. It doesn’t matter who’s faster or stronger than you are. This isn’t a competition. All that matters is that you are faster and stronger than before. The person to beat is yourself, so stop looking around.

6. A healthy diet, exercise, and recovery are the 3 cornerstones to a well thought out fitness program. An equal importance should be placed on all 3 of them.

7. Spend time in the hair salon or at the nail bar once in a while. Love yourself and treat yourself well. There is only one you!

8. On food labels, look beyond the total calories of the food product. Start focusing on ingredients. If they have a macro and micronutrient list, all the better. Start learning to read that to ensure an adequate amount of trace elements reaches your body.

9. Ladies, put a handful of spinach in your protein shake. You can’t taste it, it’s packed with nutrients, and it gives you added fiber! You can do with the boost in iron too:)

10. FInally, change your workout routine every few months or try new things. Your nervous system adapts quickly to different stimuli. Always keep things exciting to continue progressing.


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