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Best support ever, for running Moms!

Pregnancy belts.

This is why every pregnant (active) lady, should get one.


We are 22 weeks pregnant! Which is 5.5 months exactly – midway into 2nd trimester!

If you are going to keep up with your active lifestyle as you were pre pregnancy, then you need one. Since I’ve always been a runner, this one was a no brainer.

The simple rule is to support your boobs and support your bump. That’s it. Get a good sports bra, and wear a bump support so when you move, it all stays in place and does not jiggle.

It’s really the most awesome creation on earth. You can also use it post-partum, to keep your bits that have been stretched out, in place as well.

Of course, it goes without saying that my “easy” pace had begun to slow down – instead of a 6:00 pace, most runs were now around 8:00pace.  I have heard numerous times that the 2nd trimester is the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, and it is true. For most of the 2nd trimester, I am able to run everyday, for about 6 KM and the long runs on the weekends are 10-12KM. My belly is slowly growing, but it is still small enough not to get in the way of running.

But now, at the middle of the 2nd trimester, I no longer fit into my running shorts, since I used to wear a snug size 4! I am still able to wear my running tops through the 2nd trimester though.  Anyway, definitely one of the best purchases I made during the 2nd trimester was this pregnancy belt. I wanted more support for my belly – especially on my longer runs, and all you need is that little extra support to stop the bounce and keep everything neat and snug… it really helps. Do try it!



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