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8 Ways to Make More time to Exercise

Since it’s the new year, and all our new year resolutions are still fresh with good intention and buzzing at the back of our minds, here’s one more.

Making time to exercise.

Don’t we all wish we had more hours in a day to exercise. So how does one make more time to exercise when there are already 100 +1 things to do in a day?

Here are 8 practical ways to fit fitness into your hectic lives, and make more time to exercise.. 


1. Early bird. Not everyone is a morning person. Me, I like running in the morning because I happen to be a morning person. 5.45am runs are just perfect for me to kick start my day. Sleep is definitely important, so sleeping just 30 -60 minutes earlier, means your day can start earlier too. Working out in the morning regulates appetite, boosts energy and you really feel more relaxed because it frees up the rest of the evening to do whatever else you need to do. With morning workouts, you sit and wonder, come evening.. why do I have so much time on my hands, and that’s a great feeling.

2. Less Media. Reduce blogging (guilty!), surfing the net, chatting on FB and especially watching TV excessively. All of a sudden, you got time on your hands. Use that hour to go for a walk around the park/apartment/housing area , if running is not your thing. Much better to move around than to just sit on your bottom all day. If there’s a park nearby you could stop to do push ups/chin ups and sit ups.

3. Move around. Ok, so maybe it’s impossible to watch no TV at all. But once the breaks kick in, try having dumbbells nearby and doing reps. Or, sit ups and push ups during the commercial breaks are great too.

4. Active commute. In Malaysia we can’t easily walk to work for obvious reasons. But once you get to work, try walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift. I work on the 6th floor so this is do-able. Another thing we do – me and my husband walk to our evening dinners especially if the coffee-shop is just up the road from where we live. Sometimes we run to dinner as well, at the in-laws (around 8km distance). You don’t need to be that hardcore.. just start slow and pick it up as your stamina improves.

5. Do something fun. Do something you enjoy. If running is boring to you and you like to dance try Zumba or join a Salsa class. If you like martial arts that employ dance and music, try Capoeira. If you like contact sports, try martial arts like Jujitsu or Kick-boxing. If you like military style training try Bootcamp. And if cycling is your things, then bike everywhere.. and I mean everywhere!

6. Cleaning is exercise. Sweeping, mopping and doing the laundry are all calorie burning activities. Try lunging when you are reaching your mop for a spot. Try doing squats as you load the laundry. Work out done!

7. Social workout butterfly. Make work out fun by organizing time to work out, just like how you would organize going out to the movies. Make plans to run with your buddies, then go for a movie. Make plans to meet for combat class, then go out to dinner. Make plans with your neighbours to do body-weight training in the park or go for long walks together, then organize a neighbourhood potluck. You’ll not only be fit, but also Ms.Popular!

8. Reduce commitments. If you are still strapped for time, then chances are that you are juggling too many things in your life. Say no to that extra committee meeting, or that extra charity project that they asked you to take on. Whilst being busy feels good, your body needs attention too. Exercise will help you cope better with all the obstacles that life throws at you. Learn to say no, if it’s not necessary to say yes!

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2 Responses to 8 Ways to Make More time to Exercise

  1. Traveling Ted January 6, 2012 at 1:35 am #

    I read this post, ran 6 miles, and then tweeted it. I cannot cut out the less social media, but I can work on the others 🙂

    • ciki January 6, 2012 at 2:29 am #

      LOL Ted! You did..? Wow.. I’m so impressed:) Yeah, I know it’s hard to cut out social media.. but maybe half it? Anyway, that’s a great start.. 6 miles. GOOD on you!

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