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5 Steps towards embracing your Perfect Weight

Finding your perfect weight means being at the ideal balance between what you eat and how often you exercise. It does not matter if you gain or lose a few pounds. But you know you are feeling healthy, full of energy and vitality. Don’t let magazines dictate how skinny you should look. Let your body tell you – if you are eating a health balanced diet, and exercising frequently, this is your perfect weight. And more important than your weight, is actually the state and condition of your heart. No point being a skinny person whose arteries are clogged and whose heart is about to fail.


Here are 5 ways to find your perfect weight:

1. Throw away the scales

To tell you the truth, scales could be wrongly calibrated, unless it is one of those high tech ones you find in the hospitals. Why feel down when the scales only make you feel bad. Throw them away and know that as long as you fit into your clothes nicely and you are energetic and exercising daily, that is good enough! Falling ill infrequently is another good sign that your hormones and energy levels are in equilibrium. Embrace your perfect weight and don’t look at another scale for as long as you live!

2. Eat when you are hungry

Some people restrict what they eat. If you are hungry, don’t  be afraid to eat a solid meal or heavier health snacks. You can burn it off at the gym. Listen to your body and stop restricting what you eat. However, as rule of thumb, eat healthy, unprocessed snacks and food as often as possible, and eat till you are roughly 80% full – not till bursting. This is a good way to train your body yet get in the nutrition you need, without overdoing it.

3. Stop obsessing about size

Step into MNG and feel like shit about your size! Oh, how I can identify with that feeling! How on earth do women wear size 2 or 4? Well the good news is that these sizes are often wrong and don’t represent you real size. In some boutiques I am a size 6 and in some, a size 8. So what? Don’t let the size on the rack determine how you dress. Dress to flatter your frame and be comfortable in what you wear at all times.

4. Dump the diet pills

Even caffeine pills can be bad for you. They accelerate the heartbeat and cause you to feel edgy all the time. In the long run, there could be detrimental effects on the heart. An unhealthy metabolism and too much nervous energy will ruin your life and any relationship you are in. Better to throw in weights training to increase your basal metabolic rate the healthy way.

5. Stop eating Junk

You are what you eat. Eat healthy, unprocessed foods and you will have great energy. Eat junk food full of trans fat and refined sugars and you can be sure you will feel like a big sluggish blob. Make the change today and stock your fridge with healthy, high fiber snacks. Throw away the doughnuts. Your body will find its perfect weight the soonest you do!

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