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5 Hot Fitness Tips

So, with the holiday season just over, here are 5 practical fitness tips to help you get back in shape, or fine tune that already stunning figure that you possess. Let’s up the hotness and sizzle factor for February shall we .. ? 😉 Here are our 5 hot fitness tips for a stunning body.. […]

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Supersets.. for Super Cuts!

Ever hit a plateau in your workout? Have all the cardio and weights training just stop getting you the result you use to see in the first few months of going back to the gym? Well, there’s hope yet! Working out with Supersets might be just what you need to burn fat, and get that […]

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10 Reasons Why Women Should not Pump Iron!

Lifting weights can help you lose fat, slim down and get strong.. but surely that’s a man’s world. Women who lift weight are WAY too manly, unladylike and unappealing.. or are they? photo credit – Here are 10 Reasons Why Women Should Stay Away for weights! 1. You might chip a nail. 2. You may […]

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