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Machines are our Friends!

Here are some reasons why, the machines at the gyms can be your best friends, especially when you are traveling and have no time to run/workout outside.

All you need is to find a gym with weights, and you can even do this with free weights. It halves the time of cardio, but doubles the burn, when you are pressed for time.

This machine is called Kineses – it’s really easy to use, and is something like a return to the origins of human movement, as it helps the user rediscover basic motor skills: resistance, balance, strength and flexibility.

It’s great for the core as well, as you need to keep your balance against the wobbly resistance of the bands.

All in all, just a mere 40 minute workout is enough to mobilize the big muscle groups and burn more fat! All set and ready to face the day, in less than an hour. Super efficient don’t you think? 😀


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