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Luca’s Rage against the bottle

Our little girl has finally ended her rage against the bottle.

Hunger strikes till mum gets home are a thing of the past. We hope!


December is turning out to be a fine month and we hope the good run continues…

Dad’s on a winning streak feeding bubs when mum is away. Our little boob juice monster has finally snapped out of her unwillingness to accept expressed breast milk in a bottle, all on her own..

No rhyme or reason.

Just wakes up one day, and back on the bottle after 1.5 months refusing it. Actually we couldn’t really blame her. Afterall, who wants to give up the comfort of the warmth of the boob, for sterile silicon or rubber..? Not our sharp, baby Luca, not by a long shot. LOL

Folks who saw her wailing when we tried to bottle feed her thought we were abusing our daughter, but heck, if she didn’t eat, she’d be even more miserable. And folks on the outside are just precisely THAT. Folks on the OUTSIDE. They have no idea what you’re doing to ensure your baby gets the best, complete nutrition, so they will just keep judging. Well to all of them out there… PFFFTT! Mind your own and we will mind ours! My sis’ moral support was instrumental in getting us through the difficult patch as well.  “If she’s hungry enough, she will eat. Otherwise, she probably isn’t that hungry anyway”. Wise words – and best guiding light, when all a mother does is fret her baby is not getting enough (which is usually ALL THE TIME! :P)

Right now, Luca is a happy, well grounded, and centered baby. PLUS she is of normal healthy weight and development. So there you go! Dad did a great job keeping it together during the difficult feeding weeks, when all she wanted was boob. He is our champion true and true!

So yay Dad, yay Luca and yay December.

Bring it 2017 we are ready for you!

Luca is currently learning to swim. Half hour at a time – she’s learning, floating, paddling and submersion. So far she is taking to it like a champion. More on that, on the next blog post!


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