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Booty barre.. for a fabulous booty!

What do Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale and Michelle Rodriguez have in common? They all have backsides that are the envy of most women and fantasies of most men.

Want a great looking ass.. well for that, there is Booty Barre!


Long, shapely arms and legs.. oo yeah!


First position, on tip toes.. up and down, over and over again, and repeat! Ouch!;)


tone that butt!

And quiet honestly, dancers have the right built – tight and toned, but lean and graceful. At Booty Barre (I tried this out on the Gold Coast at Pulse Pilates and Fitness), it incorporates the dance moves of ballet, but you do not need to be a dancer or be overly graceful. Anyone can do it. So long as you can follow the rhythm and timing of the music, you should be fine. It’s not a fast sort of music (not dance), more like an electronic chilled out beat.


The Booty Barre is a ballet barre based program which applies the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga with dance. It looks easy, but try holding first position on tip toes for a long time, and it will really burn! This is what helps to strengthen and sculpt the body.


Booty barre also incorporates more functional movements, utilizing fluid and full ranges of motion. But it also incorporates cardio and weights, so you get a good sweat out of it too. It’s controlled movements at a slower pace and lower impact, but doubly effective for weight loss. It tone the entire body, and as the name implies and it definitely creates a tighter, higher, rounder behind!


The basic fundamentals is based on Pilates. You use the barre as assistance for balance, but also as a tool to create awareness by stabilizing the upper shoulder girdle. For me, the next day, my calves and butt were pretty sore.. but in a good way. It obviously worked the right muscles!

I wish they had more of this in KL. I would definitely want to do more Booty barre classes, as a supplement to my other sporting activities!


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