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5 Reasons Why Goat’s milk is better than Cow’s milk

Based on research, goat’s milk appears to be healthier than cow’s milk. Studies have found that children fed with goat’s milk, surpass those on cow’s milk in terms of weight gain, stature, bone density, blood plasma vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, naicin and hemoglobin concentrations.

Goats have been reared for their meat and milk as long as 1000 years ago in the mountains of Iran and Egypt. The ancient Romans and Greeks were also ardent consumers of goat’s milk. Goat’s milk can be consumed raw or processed into butter, cheese, ice-cream, and other milk products.

Here are 5 reasons why Goat’s Milk is better than Cow’s Milk ..

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 1. Easier to Digest

The molecular structure of goat’s milk is smaller than that of cow’s milk. It takes 4 hours to digest goat’s milk and 8 hours to digest cow’s milk, according to the American Journal of Medicine. This is due to the fact that the curd in goat’s milk is lighter.


2. Contains more Vitamin A

Goat’s milk has 1.8 times more Vitamin A than cow’s. Not only that, in cow’s milk, the vitamin A exists in the form of Carotenoids. All the Vitamin A is goats milk is pre-formed. This is an advantage in people who have the inability to form vitamin A from carotenoids.


3. Contains less Xanthine Oxidase

Goat’s milk has less of this enzyme that is responsible for creating scar tissue on the heart when it enters the bloodstream. This in turn causes the body to produce cholesterol for protection. This can be a precursor to arteriosclerosis.


4. Suitable for Lactose intolerant people

Certain proteins that cause allergic reactions are absent in goat’s milk.  Other studies have discovered anti-inflammatory compounds in goat’s milk. You are less likely to get ‘the runs’ on goat’s milk of you are lactose intolerant.


5. Does not contain Growth Hormones

No bovine somatotropin known as BST which is present in Cow’s milk. BST is harmful to humans as it can damage the heart and arteries.


These are the simple 5 reasons why Goat’s Milk is better than Cow’s milk. Would you rather drink Goat’s milk or Cow’s milk? If you’re lactose intolerant, would you give Goat’s milk a go? 



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