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Top 10 most delicious Vegan dishes!

Yippee! It’s November.. and November is World Vegan Month! To celebrate World Vegan Day/Month, here are our 10 Great Vegan Dishes that don’t suck! Our Top 10, most delicious Vegan dishes are.. 1. Soba Noodles Soba noodles are native Japanese noodles made of buckwheat flour (soba-ko) and wheat flour (komugi-ko). They are roughly as thick as […]

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photo credit - Bold Vegan; Pan Seared Tofu Cubes & Shiitake Mushroom in Red Curry (thai)

Bold Vegan – Food Of South East Asia

It’s About Adding, Not Subtracting.  The word DIET makes me cringe. Literally. When I see that word, I know it’s going to be taking something away from me. Diet for me means Deprivation In Every Turn (DIET). Because of that, I have never been on a diet in my life. I just don’t believe in deprivation as […]

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