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Archive | March, 2016

Rocking the Rhubarb

I used to eat tons of Rhubarb when I was a student in Cardiff. Somehow, the English and Welsh just loved their rhubarb desserts. I complained a little back then as I didn’t fancy it as much. But little did I know, that rhubarb’s actually good for me, and incredibly nutritious. Did you know that […]

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Top Reasons to Eat More Fruits

Fruits! I must say I cannot go one day without them. They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Everyone knows to eat fruits to prevent vitamin C and vitamin A deficiencies. People who eat fruit also have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. USDA’s MyPlate encourages making half your plate fruits and vegetables for […]

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Just KALE it!

Kale. I am obsessed with Kale! I need to have it in every veggie smoothie I make in the mornings.. Good thing my husband grows ours in his garden. But I bet u didn’t know some things about Kale. 5 Thing you didn’t know about KALE… 1. It Has More Vitamin C Than An Orange! […]

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