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Today’s 50 min Workout was Brutal!

Try this for a speedy workout in the gym, if you are unable to run outside, due to poor weather.

Total Time: 50 minutes, including rests between workouts.. but it is guaranteed to burn!


50 reps to warm up
Time: 1:15

Backward Lunge Kick Up
25 reps on each leg
Time: 5:11

Girl Push Ups (Knees on Floor)
50 reps
Time: 4:24 (modified: waist-high incline)

Mountain Climber
50 reps
Time: 1:10

Sumo Squats Knee Up
50 reps
Time: 2:45

Hold it.. hold it (add in side plank for added difficulty)
Time: 1:40

Side to Side Squat & Leg Lift
50 reps
Time: 3:37

High Knees
Running on the spot as fast as you can
Bring your knees up to your waist level
Do not lean forward, keep your back straight
Time: 4:57

Star Crunch
50 reps
Time: 3:32

Alternating left and right leg
Time: 3:24

Side Plank Lift
25 reps on each side
Time: 3:35 (modified: lower leg bent forward)

Push ups
All the way to the end! Go for muscle failure!
Time: 1 min

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