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Tips for Running your best Race

Race day is coming! What should you do? It does not really matter if you are running a 10KM a 21KM or a full marathon. Here are some tips to help you run your best race.

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1. Select the right shoes

Do not ever, run with brand new shoes. And do not run with tatty ones either. If the shoes aren’t your regular training shoes, wear them on at least one 10-mile run at marathon pace. You  can then gauge if they will give you blisters or not, or give you sore feet. If the shoes bother you on this run, then you won’t be running your best race. Get yourself another pair or stick to something you have always been running in.

2. Do 80% of your race distance

Aim to run this distance, slightly faster than your marathon goal pace. If you can’t find a tune-up race, recruit friends to accompany you on a long run, with the last several miles faster than marathon pace.

3. Add resistance training and speed training

If you have the time, start adding speed to your run, doing one with four weeks to go, and the other with three weeks to go. If you have no time, then just go for the one long run with speed thrown in, 3 weeks before the main event.

4. Train as per course, or train harder

Our running route includes many hills. People say, why do you train on the hilly bits when the course is not as hilly? Well, training in a harder environment means you will be better on race day, if the course is easier. Otherwise, if it is a flat course, you might want to throw some flat running in as well, as it lacks variation meaning you’ll be using the same muscles the whole race. You need to prepare for this as well.

5. Run without stopping

You need to practice eating and drinking, whilst still moving. Stopping might cause injuries or make you lose your momentum. If you don’t run with fluids, place bottles along your training route and picking it up as you whiz by.

6. It is not a Fashion Show

Wear your most comfortable running clothes and wear the right stuff. Don’t be experimenting with new clothes on the day of the run either. Don’t run the marathon in a cotton T-shirt. Make sure it is quickdry or coolmax. Also, pick a marathon outfit that does not irritate your skin.

7.  Don’t Burn out in the final week

You have been working hard, so trust that your body will pull your through.  Have confidence in what you’ve been doing. From here on out, you’re just maintaining your fitness. Stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep.

8. Taper off

There’s no right or wrong rule for this. Some folks taper off earlier than others. To tell you the truth, I do absolutely nothing in the last 4 days leading up to the run. It works for me to have my leg muscles well rested , and 100% glycogen packed for race day!

9. Go Slow

You feel great and you’re dying to shoot of at the sound of the gun. Take it down a notch or two. Only half way when you are feeling good, start racing the race you were called to race!

10. Finish Strong

Pain is just temporary, Pride is forever! Once you are reaching the end of your race, go for the kill. Yes it hurts, but tell yourself it will soon be over, and the medal is yours.

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