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5 Fantastic Health Foods that don’t seem like Health Foods

In Asia, we are blessed with interesting condiments and spices. So many of our ingredients that spice up our food and lend flavour, are actually good for us. Here are five powerful health-enhancing foods, that don’t seem like health foods, but are terrific sources of minerals and antixoidants. However please note that it is very important to consult your physician […]

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The 5 Best Supplements For Women

Take a walk down the pharmacy isle and your head should start buzzing. With so many supplements to choose from, where should one start? Not only that, once you start down that path, does it mean that there’s no turning back? Well, the good news is that supplements, aren’t meant to be a food substitute.   […]

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13 Tips to Jump Start your Weight Loss

Fed up of feeling low about your weight? Want to do something positive about it, that will jumpstart your weight loss and keep the weight off for good? Apart from regular exercise, what you put on your plate and into your mouth at meal times are really important too.  Here are some practical tips to […]

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Are bagels healthy?

You’re late for work and running on empty. You decide to grab a bagel on the way. Well, you think to yourself, it’s much better nutritionally than fast food or doughnuts. Or is it? Some folks who are 100% pro the Dr. Atkins’ Diet would beg to differ, but I think occasional carbs for breakfastin the mornings […]

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7 Anti-aging and Detox Smoothies

Smoothies are great! You can drink them on the go, and they do wonders for your health. Unlike juices, smoothies have a higher fibre content and you can tailor the type of drink you like, to suit your body’s needs. Here are some great ideas for 7 Anti-aging and Detox Smoothies that you can drink […]

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A Food, for every Mood

You’re having a bad day. You get home and instead of exercising, you just want to plonk down in front of the television and eat your way through the Ben n Jerry’s ice-cream tub in the fridge. Stop for a second.. Here are some tips on what to eat, to suit your mood.. without necessarily […]

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