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Batty over the Bosu Ball

Some people are born sure-footed. Not me. I’m actually a little clumsy. I found that by working out with the BOSU ball, I’ve increased my ability to be more sure footed, not only that, but to also increase the difficulty of certain exercises that I normally do, and in the process strengthen my core. Single […]

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Core Abs Workout

The Core Challenge .. are you IRON enough?  Do you wanna have iron abs in that itsy bitsy teeny bikini? No loose skin, no orange peel.. just abs of steel?    HERE GOES…  READY.. SET.. GO!  20 Seconds Ball (refer to photo – hands lightly support, muscle control comes from your lower ab)  20 push […]

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photo credit - healthhabits [dot] ca

The New Rules of Abs

Crunches are out, Planks are in. Gone are the days when you would painstakingly do a million crunches with the hopes of getting that beautiful ab sections (called the 6-pack) that everybody dreams about. Not only that.. the scary truth is that crunches are bad for your spinal discs which are parts of your body […]

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