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Core Exercises in Tight Spaces

Well, well.. today we look at my absolute favourite workout for the core. All you need is a piece of cloth. You don’t need any gym equipment. Body weight will get you through this workout just fine! My favourite maneuver occurs in the middle of the video – using a piece of cloth, start in […]

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25 day Plank Challenge!

Here’s my 25 Day Plank Challenge.. anyone care to join me..? Starting today, the 1st of June! 🙂 Feel free to add the Bosu Ball, for added difficulty. (Follow us on Instagram for Inspiration and Short workout tips that are FUN and EASY to do!  Instagram : @cikipedia) Day 1 – 20 seconds Day 2 – […]

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Working out on a Playground

Who says that only kids can have fun on a playground..? If you have only 15 minutes to spare, get your helper to watch the kids.. better yet, get the young ones to join in and mimic you, as you work out! Repeat this simple 4 steps to burn fat, fire up the metabolism and […]

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Abs Shredder! The Knee Up Twist

This morning’s run on Kiara hill, followed by this Abs shredder called the Knee Up Twist.. It’s great for your core too. Enjoy! 1. Set up in full plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders and legs long. Pull your right knee in to your nose (make sure you pull your abdominals up and […]

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Doing the Superman

Here is a great post run core workout.. doing the Superman! Since one can’t fly, one can certainly plank. Here’s how you do it. 1. Start in plank position Engage your deep core muscles by drawing in your belly button and maintaining a neutral spine. 2. Raise arm and leg Raise your right arm to shoulder […]

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Doing the Russian Twist

Hello Fitness bunnies! Last week we looked at The Scorpion – exercises that train strength and supplement running. Because you see, when the topic of strength training and running comes up, most runners then to say – What? You mean I need to do something else, other than running? Isn’t running the be all and […]

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Potty over Planking !

I’ve always been gaga over planks (or variations of it) and planking, because it really gives you that final, extra burn, after a workout. The plank is also easy to do, and you don’t need much space. It’s great for the core, balance and strength. It tones your arms, legs, butt and abs, and I […]

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Why do Pull-ups ?

Pull-ups are the ultimate test of whether you are a fit, balanced, all rounder. You see, this exercise only relies on bodyweight and therefore does not need special equipment nor machines for you to do them. You just need a steady grip on a over head bar, or even a branch in the park, so […]

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