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Sitting Down is Bad for your Health

Did you know, that Sitting is bad for your Health?

With the advent of computers computer games, and the internet. All kids (and adults) want to do all day is to sit and do their own thing. Nobody is interested in playing ball, or going for a walk in the park any more.

Well now, research is telling us that “sitting” is in fact, killing us softly with it’s “cushioning”. Sitting around doing nothing, and being immobile for hours at a time, is the precursor to increased risk of heart disease and obesity in the long term. It also hampers cholesterol maintenance in the short term, and the profession you are in plays a role. Doctors, nurses, cleaners, maids, get plenty of walking time. But secretaries, computer/IT engineers, and accountants, do all the sitting. And with children with working parents who have no time to take them out for a day in the park, well then the ills are even worse, as sitting starts at an even earlier age.

Get moving before it is too late!


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