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Elevate Your Run with Salomon and Suunto

We were recently invited to participate in a short run to test out the Salomon X-Scream and the new Suunto Ambit 2 R at the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur. Salomon and Suunto are 2 brands that go hand in hand in the pursuit of outdoor adventures and race competition. The shoe is one of the models from Salomon’s newest range of shoes called CityTrail which are designed for the urban athlete who runs on a variety of surfaces and requires a shoe that respond well to those changing terrains. The GPS watch is the latest release from Suunto for performance athletes and those new to running.

United Colors of Salomon

United Colors of Salomon CityTrail X-Screams

On a sunny mid morning, we met Puzi and Dino, both well known Malaysian ultramarathoners, and triathletes, at the KL Bird Park. They led us around the lake and through the gardens, on a variety of terrains to allow us to get an introductory feel to X-Scream’s capabilities as well as the Ambit2 R features that enhance the workout experience. Lake Gardens, being under the renovations, added more gravel terrain to the otherwise smooth undulating paths.


The pairing of the shoe and watch introduces the theme, Elevate Your Run. As the slogan implies, the functions of the watch would heighten the running experience while the shoes itself provides the comfort, grip and performance demanded by an athlete.

While regular running shoes fit, support and grip are designed for road running, the Salomon X-Scream Citytrail injects mountain spirit into running in an urban landscape. It provides the freedom and greater physical challenge of trail running – up steps, through parks and back streets – all around the city. Urban running is about discovering new sites and taking a more unconventional & multi-surfaced route, you will see that the city can offer as much variety as the offroad paths.

I found the shoes very comfortable to wear and did not require any break-in time. It had a soft rebound and was rather responsive to the ground. We were introduced to a few key features:

  • Quicklace for fast tightening instead of regular laces
  • Sensiflex, two stretch panels that support natural foot expansion and forefoot flex, while still maintaining support.
  • Sensifit which cradles the foot providing a precise and secure fit.

Salomon X-Scream

Suunto’s latest Ambit 2 R watch is paired with the City Trail shoes to give runners the optimal trail running experience in urban areas. Not only does the watch look good, it includes a GPS function which tracks the trail route, and performance of its wearer during the outdoor pursuit. The runner will be able to review the heart rate (with a chest monitor strap), cadence, speed, calories burnt and distance on the watch throughout the exercise routine. Post run data from the watch can be transfered to the computer and onto where statistics and graphs are constructed to give the runner a detailed overview of their performance. The runner can then chart his progress then plan the goals and routes for future runs. As the watch has a multi-sport mode, the wearer can configure the watch for variety of sports such as swimming, biking, and more.

Suunto Ambit 2 vs Ambit 2 R

Ambit2 R (Left) vs Ambit2

There unique functions of the Ambit2 R which makes the watch very ‘social’ friendly.The wearer is able to choose from thousands of free sports apps and routes created by trainers and other athletes thereby giving the wearer a variety of peak performance training programs and running routes in unfamiliar territories. The wearer can also create and share his or her own training program and running trails with rest of the Ambit owners. Good for travellers new to a location who can’t find a running buddy to show the trails.


Another interesting feature is the FusedSpeedTM. It is an accelerometer-integrated GPS which allows trailblazers running into jungles under canopy to easily maintain GPS connectivity. This is crucial in keeping you on track on your trail and allowing you to focus on your speed and performance.

Salomon CityTrail and Suunto Ambit2 R is now available at all Suunto and Salomon outlets including the World of Sports chain.



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