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Top 10 Fat Burning Exercises

Ever wondered why some people seem to work out for a shorter time, but have a lower fat percentage than the person who does cardio non stop? It’s all about working out smart, not longer.. and here’s a secret. There are some movements that bring about results, and some that don’t. The Top 10 Fat […]

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Does Carb Cycling Work?

Are you the sort of person who passes on a nice hot, fluffy, crumbly basket of freshly baked breads, upon sitting down to dinner at a restaurant? Does looking at a doughy slice of pizza make your heart race and your palms sweat? Do you panic when you have to eat too much rice or carbohydrates? Well […]

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12 Ways to Overcome the Dreaded Weight-loss Plateau

So you’ve recently undergone a new make over. The PT has been putting you through the motions and you’ve been really shedding the pounds. Things are looking hunky dory, you’re fast approaching your ideal weight, and then.. and then, you hit a wall. In weight loss I mean. A weight-loss plateau occurs when you no longer lose […]

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The Dirty Word.. FAT.

Ask anybody and they will tell you, FAT is a dirty word. Fat is associated with looking bad, feeling bad and worst of all, nobody wants to hang around or know fat. In our diet, fat is associated with greasy food that clogs the arteries and causes all sorts of heart diseases. Yet not all […]

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Do Detox Diets Work?

Many people are always looking for a quick fix – a fast way to lose weight and feel better or look better. Detox or detoxification, diets are popular, but they’re not scientifically proven. Detox diets promise to eliminate toxins from the body and jumpstart weight loss, and they’re going more and more mainstream. But nutritionists and others are […]

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10 Good Reasons to Start Eating Chia Seeds

What are Chia seeds, you may ask. They sound Chinese, and when my mum first introduced them to me I was somewhat baffled by the strange name. Then a little research on the internet showed that Chia seeds are in fact, Salvia hispanica, a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. The […]

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10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

The best way to stay motivated to exercise is to become a bikini model! (I’m just kidding) OK, for those who do not have the luxury of slim genes, keeping the weight down is a constant struggle. Maybe you’re at a point where being overweight is affecting your health. The doctor tells you, you need […]

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13 Tips to Jump Start your Weight Loss

Fed up of feeling low about your weight? Want to do something positive about it, that will jumpstart your weight loss and keep the weight off for good? Apart from regular exercise, what you put on your plate and into your mouth at meal times are really important too.  Here are some practical tips to […]

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Sleep helps reduce Obesity

Have you heard the expression, sleeping your way, to a slimmer you? Well, a lot of us are stressed out by work, or other issues that plague our daily lives- so much so that we find it hard to unwind after a day’s work. Even if we do get to sleep the quality of sleep […]

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