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Kneeling hip-flexor stretch

Top 6 Stretches to Improve your Posture

How many times do you see smartly dressed folks at a party that ruin their polished look, by slouching? Not only does bad posture make a person look poorly groomed, it is also bad for your health. And when it comes to posture, your mother did know best. Her frequent reminders to stand up straight and […]

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latex gloves

Top 10 Jobs that can damage your Lungs

Today we look at the Top 10 Worst jobs for your lungs. If I said construction and mining – you will definitely go, of course! But did you know that there are also hidden hazards in less “dangerous” looking jobs such as baking and even health care? Here are the 10 Ten Jobs that can […]

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How to Prevent 5 Common Running Injuries

Most common running injuries are due to over use, over-training, improper shoes, or not listening to your body and taking uncalculated risks on the road. As a runner, understanding injuries and injury prevention is critical to your longevity in the sport. Sometimes, you might stop for a spell, then start running again. Typically, if you […]

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Just found a neat website that helps you generate how to eat X much calories in X number of meals. For those who need to gain weight (muscle building/body building), this is a great tool too! For example, I want to eat 3800 calories in 4 meals. Hit the “generate” button – it tells you […]

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