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7 Thing Happy Healthy People Do in The Mornings..

7 Thing Happy Healthy People Do in The Mornings..


1. Go for a quick 30 minute workout

It can be biking, running, swimming, yoga stretching or even walking. It’s a great way to get them “happy” hormones or endorphins surging thru your veins, first thing in the morning.

2. Drink A Glass Of Water As Soon As You Wake Up

Great for your internal organs especially the kidney to flush out toxins. Also great for the skin and your GI tract.

3. Do not reach for your phone till after you’ve showered

Do you sleep with your cell phone next to you? Do you grab it the minute you’re half away.. with one eye open? Try leaving it till after you’ve had breakfast and showered – you will find that your mind is more clear, focused and happy.

4. While you are showering, think of one thing you are grateful for.. and say it out loud!

You may think this makes you look ludicrous but don’t worry, no one is watching or listening! If you have three or five things, even better – keep focused and positive throughout the day.

5. Stretch

After your 30 min workout or your shower, make sure you stretch. This helps loosen all the kinks in your body. If you can foam roll even better.

6. Eat Breakfast

I am talking real foods and healthy foods such as eggs, and yogurt and berries. This will kick start your gut in a positive way, with tons of anti-oxidants and nutrition.

7. Dress Up

I don’t mean like for the prom. But even if you are a housewife, dress up in a proper outfit and brush your hair, and put on proper shoes, even if you are just going to do groceries. Pants or shorts and a nice tshirt is fine, but make sure you look kempt. There’s nothing that kills the female spirit more quickly than walking around in Pajamas all day. God forbid you ever do errands in your nightgown!

Feeling great comes from self confidence and self confidence does not reside in yesterday’s old Pajamas unfortunately. Dress smart, and you radiate that inner beauty that’s so vital in staying ‘young’ and heart and happy!

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