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5 Ways to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating can certainly make one pile on the pounds. But there is a deeper psychology, tied in with binge eating.

We have all over-eaten at one time or other. So when does the occasional overindulgence cross the line into the realm of real binge eating? Helping ourselves to seconds, and even thirds, at parties or year end celebrations is not a binge eating disorder. It becomes a disorder only when it occurs regularly, and the binger does it in shame and secrecy. Normally this comes with feeling embarrassed and later, vowing never to do it again. But then the compulsion takes over on another day, and they binge again.


my buddy M very gladly posed for this shot.. for the record, he is not a binge eater! LOL

Binge-eaters are actually using food to fill an emotional void, and they over-eat to cope with stress and their emotional insecurities. In reality, their overeating causes guilt, shame and disgust. Binge eaters could be overweight and suffer from low self-esteem.

Here are 5 Ways to try and curb Binge eating:

1. Let it Out!

If you are stressed, let it out! Take a minute to inhale and exhale or do something physical to get it out of your system. Jump up and down, and let it out. I have a friend who likes to blast the music in her car, and try and holler above it! She says it is great therapy! I have another friend who writes or blogs. Meditation helps another one of my fellow colleagues to find their calm center once more. Everybody needs an outlet. Get it all out of your system so it does not manifest in binge eating.

2. The buddy system

Be accountable, and find someone you trust to tell about your binge eating habit. They can help keep you in check and monitor your progress. This buddy could also be someone you can talk to about your problems. Many times, it’s not about the food itself but some other deep seated distress.

3. Exercise

Sometimes you need to fatigue your body, so that your mind won’t keep talking! A mind which is too preoccupied with thoughts will just wear itself out and drive you crazy. It will try to coerce you to binge eat as well. Take up running, swimming or going to the gym for classes- you will be so tired out physically, that your mind won’t have time to worry about anything else other than the nice ache in your limbs!

4. Watch the portions

Never eat directly from the whole carton, bag or box. Take out your portion and put the rest away.

5.  Don’t skip meals

This is very important. Skipping meals will make your body go into starvation mode, and you will inevitably overeat at the next meal. Aim for three meals per day plus one or two healthy snacks throughout the day.

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