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5 Great uses for your Used Banana Peels

The lovely, cheery Banana!

Full of vitamins, minerals especially potassium, the banana is our friend. Eat some before a long run , during and after, to keep the energy levels high. But what do you do, with the skins? The billions of bananas we eat result in billions of banana peels which are typically thrown away, leading to several million pounds of waste added to world’s landfills each year. There has got to be a better use from them yellow shiny skins.. here are 5!

photo credit :wikipedia

photo credit :wikipedia

1. Sooth Skin and Improve Complexion

Instead of buying expensive and harsh acid peels, use the inside of the skin and rub gently on to skin. The fruit acids, vitamins, and minerals can help exfoliate and rejuvenate tired skin. It is also great when applied to insect bites, as it has the ability to soothe stings.

2. Shine Shoes

Just as banana peels are great for the skin, you can also use the insides to polish leather shoes. Rub them all over your leather shoes, later you can buff it with a soft cloth to remove any remaining debris.

3. Polish Silver

When silver gets black, instead of spending money on sliver polish, use the banana skin to remove tarnish from the blackened silver. The fruit acid works like a charm(bracelet)!

4. Whiten Teeth

Rub the soft inside of a fresh piece of banana peel on your teeth once per day for two weeks to remove stains and shine them without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

5. Gloss your Houseplants

Rub the soft fleshy side of a banana peels on the leaves of your houseplants to clean off and dust or debris and give them a healthy glow. This works best on waxy leaves like Scheffleras, Calatheas, Crotons, and Ficus trees.


2 Responses to 5 Great uses for your Used Banana Peels

  1. Fabiana November 12, 2014 at 9:47 am #

    For whitening the teeth? I will try it for sure!

    • ciki November 12, 2014 at 10:21 am #

      Yes indeed.. let us know how it goes:)

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