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5 Drinks to Stay Away From during Chinese New Year

We hate to be party poopers but, this Chinese New year and festive season, be sure you watch what kind of liquids you’re putting into your system. Some drinks are worse than others and might set you back by your weight loss goals if you don’t watch what you drink – here are 5 drinks to stay away from…

diet-soda-coke1. DIET SODA

Of course you knew that Soft Drinks were bad for you, since it’s no secret that they are packed with refined sugars. However, did you know that Diet soda is bad too? It may be calorie free, but it’s also 100 percent nutrition free. Plus, if you’re guzzling diet coke all day, there’s a good chance you’re not drinking the healthy beverages your body needs, particularly water and tea. One diet soda a day is fine, but if you’re downing five or six cans, you may be doing damage to your body.


Again, sports drinks or energy drinks are fine if you are rehydrating yourself during a marathon, but ending your workout (especially short ones) by guzzling a typical sport drink may set your weight-loss goals back. Many sports drinks on the market contain a mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners, plus a laundry list unpronounceable additives. And if you’re sitting around with relatives and playing cards or Mahjong over Chinese New Year, then all that 100plus you just guzzled will just go straight to your hips, no doubt about that.

strawberry_margarita3. FROZEN MIXED DRINKS

When it comes to cocktails, the mixers are the real calorie culprits. According to studies, a 16-ounce pina colada can clock in at a whopping 880 calories, that’s more than 8 times the amount in a shot of rum!


Alcohol in moderation, one or two glasses of red wine a day, has been shown to raise HDL (good) cholesterol, boost bloodflow, and improve sugar metabolism. But when you ask for that third drink, your risk for obesity and slew of other health problems starts to climb. A March 2011 study from the American Cancer Society found that the risk of cancer death was 36 percent higher among people who drank liquor heavily (3 or more drinks each day) than those who drank in moderation or not at all.

hot chocolat and whipped cream5. WHIPPED COFFEE DRINKS

When made with 2-percent milk, a large icy cup of Coffee (with cream) can contain up to 800 calories and a third of the maximum recommended intake for artery-clogging saturated fat. And there’s a reason why it tastes so sweet: At 170 grams of sugar in a typical drink, you get more of a sugar shock than a caffeine buzz. Opt for black coffee instead or green tea- those are the best, alongside good ole fashion, H2O of course!

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