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Archive | July, 2015

Being candid about Coconut Oil

Fat will kill you. That’s what we were told growing up. These days, we know that it is in fact, sugar that will kill you, and certain good fats will actually prolong your life. Science had indeed done a 180° where saturated fats are concerned. Coconut oil is made up of beneficial medium-chain fatty acids, […]

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Nutrition benefits of Sesame Seeds

Right.. so more talk now on nutrition and eating clean… Today’s ingredient is the sesame seed. Sesame Seeds are making a comeback and they should. Not only are they tasty, especially when toasted, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil is actually a potent medicinal food ..high in calcium and magnesium, scientific evidence has proven sesame […]

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Working out on Holiday with a Fitness Buddy

One of the best things about finding a friend to work out with while on holiday. is that you get to motivate each other to keep burning those calories from eating on vacation!   Try these simple exercises after 40 minute cardio for maximum results! My absolute favourite are the jumping switch mountain climbers (first […]

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