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Archive | February, 2014

10 Benefits of Napping

The Power Nap is more important than you think. And if you think back to the time you were a kid, wasn’t life just more simple? You ran around, you got tired, you took a nap. These days, who even has the time to take a 10 minute cat (or dog) nap.. ? Not many. […]

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A Cute Infographic on Beer & Coffee!

We are not condoning drinking too much of either here, but this is a rather cute infographic of the good and the bad, of both Beer and Coffee. We all drink these from time to time… some more so than others – but as we say, everything in moderation, of course.   Picture Credit : […]

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8 Foods for Muscle Building

8 Foods that I love, that Pack on Muscle are : 1. Eggs: The Perfect Protein 2. Beef: Carvable Creatine 3. Almonds: Muscle Medicine 4. Salmon: The Growth Regulator 5. Yogurt: The Golden Ratio 6. Olive Oil: Liquid Energy 7. Water: The Muscle Bath 8. Coffee: The Repetition Builder These are my favourite muscle foods. […]

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That ancient grain called Amaranth ..

We have recently experimented with Amaranth in our diets, in more ways than one. Like quinoa, amaranth is an ancient grain that’s packed with protein. Its seeds are high in fiber, iron, and calcium. The plant’s spinach-like leaves are also edible too. When you cook it, don’t expect it to be fluffy like quinoa, it […]

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Yes! I want my Free EMS Trial!

OK, so now you guys have seen the benefits & results of EMS… (check out my results Week 2, & Week 3) how about trying it out for yourselves? Just email us the following, and someone from ActivStudio will be in touch with you, for your first, FREE EMS trial. No strings attached – just […]

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5 Terrific Detox Foods

Here are 5 Terrific Detox Foods, to kick-start your health programme and help clean the tubes, so to speak!  1.Maqui Berry The maqui berry is a deeply purpled berry that has the highest ORAC value (a measure of antioxidant strength) among all fruits or berries on earth. Maqui berry is indeed the new king of […]

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Hello Body! ActivEMS Week 3

Despite the massive pigging out over Chinese New Year, ActivEMS has helped me to keep the weight off. Not only that, I actually got leaner over the holidays. Flat stomach now.. and even a perkier butt. ActivEMS also improves one’s sex life – as you can probably imagine, if all the muscles tighten during ActivEMS, […]

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How to Build Muscle the Right Way

More tips on how to build muscle the right way… read on! DON’T BE DEPENDENT ON THE WEIGHT BELT A weight belt is good if you are going for maximum weight such as while doing the squats, deadlifts and overhead press. But if you’re not then being dependent on a weight belt just weakens your […]

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5 Hot Fitness Tips

So, with the holiday season just over, here are 5 practical fitness tips to help you get back in shape, or fine tune that already stunning figure that you possess. Let’s up the hotness and sizzle factor for February shall we .. ? 😉 Here are our 5 hot fitness tips for a stunning body.. […]

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