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Archive | September, 2013


10 Tips for Healthier Living

Bored of your workout routine, unable to stick to a healthier diet or just plain bored of life? Here are 10 Tips for Healthier Living, which will ensure you never get bored of maintaining a healthier lifestyle:   1. Don’t waste your calories on drinks. Drink water instead, and save your calories for real food! 2. […]

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5 Great Sources of Iron for Women

Did you know that iron is a trace mineral (a micronutrient), and its deficiency causes fatigue and tiredness in the gym? If you find you lack energy to lift weights or to sustain cardio till the end of the class, then it could well be iron deficiency. Muscle soreness and post workout fatigue are also […]

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3 Quick Fat Burning Snacks on the Go

If you’ve ever skipped lunch, chances are that you got so busy, you didn’t even stop during the day to grab a bite to eat. Skipping breakfast is bad enough as it is.. but skipping both lunch and breakfast is even worse. If you’re ever pressed for time, here are 3 Quick Fat Burning Snacks on […]

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5 Tips for Sparkly White Teeth!

I hate looking in the mirror in the mornings and seeing less than white teeth. Arrghh.. what happened to the shiny pearls that I used to have? Chances are, one too many black coffees and dark tea. Maybe even too much red wine the night before. Whatever the setback, it is only temporary. Here are […]

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How to Burn Belly Fat.. ASAP!

How can you get rid of stubborn belly fat? Here are 5 easy steps towards a flat belly .. 1. Eat a Health Snack between 3-4pm I’m not talking about doughnuts nor curry laksa (curry noodles). I mean something like  a snack that contains protein, such as a protein bar, a piece of low-fat cheese, or […]

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10 Ways to Cure a Sore Throat

Ever suffered from a niggling sore throat? The sort that is not bad enough to see a doctor, yet it persists in an annoying fashion. Maybe one too many late nights, has caused your body to rebel in this fashion. Have no fear, here are 10 simple home remedies for the dreaded sore throat (but […]

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