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Archive | May, 2013

Surfing the ultimate work out!

There are huge benefits in surfing. Of course before you can surf like a pro, you need to learn how to surf. And the first lesson, includes learning how to get on your feet. But for me, this was a challenge because I am very clumsy and bad with balance. But by the end of the lesson, […]

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Why do Pull-ups ?

Pull-ups are the ultimate test of whether you are a fit, balanced, all rounder. You see, this exercise only relies on bodyweight and therefore does not need special equipment nor machines for you to do them. You just need a steady grip on a over head bar, or even a branch in the park, so […]

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7 Tips for Barefoot Running on the Beach

Some people say that beach running and especially barefoot running on the beach, is bad for you. I have had folks tell me that they get blisters on their feet from running barefoot on the beach, and all sorts of ankle and knee aches. Well, I actually find barefoot running on the beach pretty convenient – you don’t […]

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5 Terrific Healing Herbs and Spices

Here are some spices we cannot do without.. Cayenne This spice improves circulation, aids digestion by stimulating gastric juices, stimulates the appetite, reduces inflammation, is a mild stimulant or tonic, improves metabolism, relieves gas, colds, chills, and stops bleeding from ulcers. Good for the kidneys, lungs, spleen, pancreas, heart, and stomach. Taken for nausea, scrofula, […]

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Batty over the Bosu Ball

Some people are born sure-footed. Not me. I’m actually a little clumsy. I found that by working out with the BOSU ball, I’ve increased my ability to be more sure footed, not only that, but to also increase the difficulty of certain exercises that I normally do, and in the process strengthen my core. Single […]

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Champagne the new Red Wine!

We all know the health benefits of red wine. A glass has been proved to ward all evil away and keep heart disease at bay. Red wine’s resveratrol and polyphenols and natural body chemicals are all the components associated with heart health. The full bodied wines tastes great with red meat and the medium bodied […]

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