Calories for Calories

Remember not too long ago, I went to check out Fitology?

I burned a whole load of calories and event lost 2KGS, even though I only worked out for half an hour. The best part was that is was pretty effortless.

Well now the same place has launched, “Calories for Calories” (C4C) ..

What “Calories for Calories” does is it pledges to give malnourished communities a calorie in food for every calorie burned at the centre. Isn’t that great?

So which means the last time I worked out, since I burned 900 calories, then 900 calories in food, and food stuff will be donated by Fitology, to the needy.

Their cause includes the Orang Asli (indigenous minorities) communities. This will be done through Gerai OA, a volunteer-run nomadic stall selling crafts by these communities. The villagers will receive a supply of rice, eggs, baked beans and tinned mackerel. If just 100 members work out twice a week at Fitology, in a month, a malnourished community will receive 30kg of rice, 14 kg of tinned mackerel, 30kg beans and 1,785 eggs— the equivalent of 240,000 calories! Isn’t that just a most worthy cause?

Speaking to Daniel Yap, the Marketing Director and co-founder of Fitology, he tells us that training and exercise is typically a personal and selfish endeavour reserved for the privileged. But their objective is to make working out more meaningful by contributing calories — food — to the undernourished whenever customers work out at Fitology.

This month long Calories for Calories Drive In conjunction with the launch of Fitology, the company will embark on a drive to burn 100,000 calories and has pledged to double their food sponsorship in its inaugural month. Together with its partners, Fitology will donate 500,000 calories through GeraiOA. Its partners in this exercise are unique gym equipment provider F1 Recreation, FIR solutions provider ZAZEN and heart rate monitor provider POLAR.

If you are looking for a worthy cause to take part in this year, do consider “Calories for Calories” ..

All you need to do is:

• Working out at Fitology

• Sharing the C4C cause by liking Fitology on Facebook 

• Attending free weekly Fitology talks held from July 28 to August 19.


Visit Fitology’s Facebook page for more details on the following talks..

1. Listen To Your Body: Why use a Heart Rate Monitor during your Workout?

2. Fast & Fit: Exercising during Ramadhan

3. The Skinny on Skinny Fat

4. Fit For Life : Exercising in your Golden Years


Fitology, a new ground-breaking gym, is something I tried, and liked. It is an efficient calorie- burning programme for people who want fitness, but have little time on their hands to work-out. This unique fitness plan makes simple, moderate exercise accessible to all, thus, offering “Fitness Without Fatigue”. Read my own personal account here.

with the PT

As all of Fitology’s workout programmes are customised and conducted by personal trainers, they are suitable even for senior citizens and those suffering from sports injuries. The FITOLOGY360 process is effective as clients can burn as many calories from just half an hour of moderate exercise, as one would in an hour of non-stop exercise, doing activities such as swimming or running.

This is achieved in four easy steps:

1. FITNESS (ACTIVE BURN): 30 minutes of moderate exercise with a personal trainer, focusing on functional fitness, strength and flexibility.

2. DETOXIFY (PASSIVE BURN): Increase metabolic burn while detoxing, by enjoying 30 minutes in a Far Infrared (FIR) sauna. Clients can read, listen to the music or even surf the web, while continuing to burn calories in this passive state.

3. NOURISHMENT: Replenish lost nutrients and fluids, refuel with antioxidants with a nutrient-packed smoothie.

4. SPORTS THERAPY: A 60-minute session with Fitology’s sports massage therapist that promotes post- exercise recovery and helps restore injured muscles to health.


For more information on C4C and upcoming Fitology events, please contact Yuko Ushiama at +603-2201-4311.


9, Jalan Riong, Off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
(Turn left 5 metres before the Petronas station on Jalan Maarof)
HOURS: 9am to 10pm Mondays – Saturdays (closed on Public Holidays)
TEL: 03 2201 4311 EMAIL:


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