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“The quest to understand the nature of ageing – and the corollary quest to avoid growing old – dates back at least to biblical times, when the elderly King David was advised to allow a young virgin to warm him..”


Sages, scientists, witch doctors and mad salesmen have offered countless other antidotes since then. Some gerontologists believed that  life span was determined by how quickly one used up one’s personal store of “vital spirits”. Still others focused on the possibility of getting vital-spirit refills from fountains of youth, mythologized in many cultures. Today, many advocates of life extension are pinning their hopes on molecular biologists , who are fast unravelling the mystery of hormonal, cellular and genetic underpinnings of old age.


 “But, are longer lives, necessarily better lives?”


Hello All! I am a practicing Pharmacist (UK) & certified Fitness Nutritionist (NASM), currently living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Though I studied conventional medicine, I have a keen interest in alternative forms of treatment and medication that I believe are essential to the well-being of the human body. We cannot reverse time, but we sure as hell can slow down the ageing process.

This blog is about how I keep fit and stay youthful, without taking things too seriously. It’s all about enjoying your life and taking each day as it comes. I love long distance running, windsurfing, TRX and combat. I also love food, travelling and spending time in the company of good friends and loved ones. I like to question convention and I hate being told that “that cannot be done”. It’s true, that I don’t have all the answers, but I do know what works for me.

Follow me on this blog and learn my personal routines on how I stay fit, energetic and young at heart!



My other blog – CC Food Travel (cumidanciki dot com) talks about my adventures in Food and Travel.

This blog is managed by my pal David, from ClickWP. Thanks mate, for helping me get this project off the ground:)

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