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6 Tests for Fitness

Do you ever wonder how all that gym time and working out, is actually working out for you? Do you worry that you might not be reaching the level of fitness you’ve been striving for, or that you’ve somehow hit a wall? Whether you want to increase your energy, reduce your health risks, or lose some […]

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5 Top Workouts Whilst Wasting Time

How much of our lives zip by, as we spend time waiting for others, or wasting time? Did you know that according to statistics, in our lifetime, we spend 11 years in front of the TV, 99,117 hours at work, 653 hours waiting for trains/transport, 6 months queuing and the stats go on.. (read about it here). Anyway, here are […]

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How to Burn Fat Faster

How does one Burn Fat Faster? How does one get the perfect shape that one desires, just like in the magazines? Well, the key to caloric demolition is to workout in the “fat burning zone” in which you burn a greater percentage of fat calories. You can only get there by doing moderate to hard exercise, and […]

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melt the gelatin

Top 5 Homemade Vegetable Facial Masks

Making your own facial peels are fun.. and easy! They cost less and you can do it, anytime your fridge is full of fruits that might expire. Facial peels help exfoliate dead skin cells, loosening and peeling them away while lifting dirt from pores and stimulating collagen production. The sky’s the limit once you get […]

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8 Speedy Fitness Tips

Have you ever dreamt about being faster, fitter, slimmer, sleeker? Well I have, and believe me, its pretty achievable once you set your mind to it. I sat down to think about what my Speedy Fitness Tips for this week would be, and I narrowed them down to eight. It’s all about fine tuning your […]

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Lose Fat with the Mediterranean Diet , Part 2 – Liquid Gold

THE Spanish call it el oro líquido (liquid gold), and it’s no wonder. The olive tree, that symbol of peace and wisdom, contributes so much to the robust and ruddy health of those who use its oil regularly. For her 51st wedding anniversary, mum-in-law was especially pleased to receive a bottle of Tuccioliva Matilda 0.7 […]

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sherlyn- belly dancing

Flamenco and Belly Dancing – Dance towards a healthier you!

Guess what I picked up this weekend?   That’s right, belly dancing, with my buddy Sherlyn. Sherlyn has been trying to get me to join her dance class for ages.. but I’ve always looked for an excuse not to go. Truth is, I am shy and clumsy – I’d much rather be kicking ass at […]

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5 Top Ways to Ditch Arm Flab

Hate that jiggle in your tricep (under part of your back arm) when you wave goodbye to friends? Hate the way your shapeless tricep bulges when you wear sleeveless clothes? Here’s a simple technique to ditch arm flab forever.. To lose the wiggle and jiggle, be sure to eat a healthy balanced diet with proper nutrients, […]

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Top 12 Skin Superfoods, for a Sunless Tan

You’d love a tanned look but do not want to go out in the sun. You’ve heard of the sun’s damaging rays, but don’t want to miss out on that sun-kissed glow. What we eat and not just how much we eat appears to be important for a healthy appearance. Making a simple trip to […]

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4 reasons why you have sluggish Metabolism

As we age, our metabolism slows for sure.  However, there are reasons why some might have more sluggish metabolism than others. According to Webster, metabolism is the chemical and physical processes continuously going on in living organisms. Unfortunately, not all of us living organisms have metabolisms that process continuously, at the same. Some have fast ones, […]

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