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Running the good race … 3 months postpartum

#transformationtuesday is all about the transformation of your body, from bad to good, hopefully! Those who do not already, don’t forget to follow IG @Cikipedia for our fitness updates! And today, remembering my pregnancy… Seems like a heartbeat ago I was carrying Luca Olesya. Who in the blink of an eye will be 4 months […]

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HIIT Fatburner – the Star Jump Squats

Star Jump Squats ! Try this fat burner after any cardio exercise to really challenge the muscles and activate the fat burning furnace… I like to do this after my 10km run. The burn is incredible.. Begin in a relaxed stance with your feet shoulder width apart and hold your arms close to the body. […]

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5 Top Breastfeeding tips, for new Moms !

1. Be sure you get the right latch This is KEY. It’s about getting the lower part of the breast and areola into baby’s mouth so that the nipple hits their high palette which stimulates sucking. And don’t attempt to give baby the nipple if her or his mouth is not fully open. Use your […]

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5 Things they don’t tell you about Breast Feeding

People will tell you the merits of breast-feeding, but what they don’t tell you, is that the struggle is real. And what about the “bottle”? (*gasp*). Purists will balk at the idea, but for pete’s sake, let’s be realistic. Here are things that the books and online portals do not tell you about breast-feeding.   […]

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Butt, core and quad work out!

Butt, core and quad work out! Here’s my favourite butt workout .. The donkey kick with a twist. Elevate one leg to increase instability (for added difficulty), this will really force you to activate your core to stay centered. Also dip forward and bend your knee(the closer to the ground the harder), working your quadriceps […]

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