5 Supplements for the Urban Athlete

Keeping healthy as you exercise is paramount for the success of any training athlete. We don’t always have time to eat a balanced diet, what ...

How to overcome food cravings

Ever had a day when you just had to have a Mac Donalds meal or a greasy Pizza, though you knew it wasn’t great for your healthy eating plan? Food cravings are a real pain in the a** especially when you’ve been having a good run. Well, there’s probably more to it than just a […]

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Healthier Hair at Miko Galere, Pavilion KL

One of the great places to do hair, which I just discovered, is at Miko Galere. The owner proprietor Alice, does all the hair work herself, and she works fast (which I like, as I don’t like spending hours in a salon) and she gives a great cut too. The place is modern yet cosy […]

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10 Tips to Running your best Marathon

Having just completed my first Full Marathon, in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, I feel like I am bursting with gratitude for having been given the honor to participate. Here are my 10 tips on running a full marathon, and running it well, so you can have the best race possible! 1. Train hard, but train […]

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InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence

I’ve never been a great believer in collagen drinks nor all the skin fads out there that come and go. For me, maintaining healthy skin is all about, being diligent about a couple of things. Drinking lots of water a day, eating loads of vegetables and fruits, eating less deep-fried food or junk food, and […]

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Doing the Superman

Here is a great post run core workout.. doing the Superman! Since one can’t fly, one can certainly plank. Here’s how you do it. 1. Start in plank position Engage your deep core muscles by drawing in your belly button and maintaining a neutral spine. 2. Raise arm and leg Raise your right arm to shoulder […]

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Travel and Fitness while on the Road

You’ve been travelling 30 hours straight from South East Asia, to get to the great US of A, and the last thing you want to do, is to hit the gym. Jet lag is weighing you down like a ton of bricks and honestly, who can be asked to exercise? Well, here are some practical […]

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10 Ways To Add Protein To Your Smoothies

The word protein was coined by a Dutch chemist and comes from the Greek word protos, meaning “of prime importance. This Chemist discovered that proteins are a major component of all plant and animal tissues, second only to water.They are vital for health and play an integral role in every living cell. Our bodies constantly assemble, break […]

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The Sunshine Vitamin – Vitamin D

Seriously, is there a need to slap on SPF 100, just because you are walking to the morning market and back? If you ask me, I think morning sun is great for the body, and trying to cut out all possibly sunrays reaching the skin is just dumb. Of course I use sunblock (SPF30) during […]

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Doing the Russian Twist

Hello Fitness bunnies! Last week we looked at The Scorpion – exercises that train strength and supplement running. Because you see, when the topic of strength training and running comes up, most runners then to say – What? You mean I need to do something else, other than running? Isn’t running the be all and […]

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5 Herbs that promote hair growth

Here are 5 Natural herbs that can add hair to your crowning glory. No chemicals, no drugs. Just good old fashioned natural herbs. 1. Amla Amla, the Indian Gooseberry is high in vitamin C which is necessary for collagen production. Collagen initiates hair growth, and depending on the level of loss, regrowth as well. Moreover, boosting […]

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Doing the Scorpion

Runners need a different strength-training program than your typical gym goer. Instead of pushing weight away from the body with bicep curls, leg extensions, and bench presses, runners should focus on the core, targeting the key muscles that will keep them balanced. Here is my favorite one, the Scorpion. It’s named as such, because your […]

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