5 Supplements for the Urban Athlete

Keeping healthy as you exercise is paramount for the success of any training athlete. We don’t always have time to eat a balanced diet, what ...

Omega-3… not all fish are created equal!

How to Choose Cold Water Fish for Omega-3s… Not all fish are created equal. And Yes, some fish contain the other sort of fat which is not really great for you. Having said that, there are good fats in fish, called Omega3, that can be found mainly in cold water, fatty fish. Cold-water fish are full […]

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Tighten up with Tricep Dips

Let’s talk about my favourite body weight exercise, and how it can be done effectively to give you great arms. The best thing about this work out is that you can virtually do it anywhere, and at anytime. The Tricep Dip.   1. Make sure you start with your hands shoulder-width apart on a secured […]

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5 Benefits of Snorkeling!

When on an island holiday, even if we can’t dive, we make it a point to snorkel.. Why? Because there are many health benefits in snorkeling, and they are: 1. Low impact on Joints For those who are overweight, snorkeling is a wonderful alternative to running as the water supports your weight, thus putting less […]

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5 Natural Ways to Combat Flu!

Being down with the flu sucks! Especially when you have places to be, events to attend.. a schedule which is chock-a-block with activities. But if you want to get better, faster, I find that avoiding grains, sugars and other highly starchy foods helps be get back in shape faster and helps my immunity fight the […]

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10 Ways to Run Safe on Holiday!

Just a short update today as we have been away in Melaka, on holiday! However, we did manage to see a lot of this beautiful, historical city, by our favourite mode of transportation.. running! Here’s how to Run Safe, when on holiday.. 1. Never forget to stretch…  2. Start with a slow jog to warm […]

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10 Great Benefits of the Tuberose

We recently had the pleasure of dining at a Thai restaurant, where they employed Tuberose bulb in their cooking. I was surprised because I normally consider tuberose, one of the most expensive natural flower materials, used in perfume and not in cooking. This particular species is in fact, related to Narcissus and Jonquil, and a […]

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Loving my eyes with Polaroid

When you drive or walking around town as often as we do, you really need to take care of that glare from the sunlight that hits your eyes. And you know, we are so fastidious about applying sunblock and protecting our skin from the sunrays, why not our eyes too? How often do you shield […]

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5 Reasons to Take Spirulina

Spirulina might not look terribly appetizing. It is after all, a blue-green algae, and looks like it belongs in a damp, dark corner of an abandoned house. However, do not be deceived. This amazing algae contains protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage. It contains nutrients, including B complex […]

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5 Great uses for your Used Banana Peels

The lovely, cheery Banana! Full of vitamins, minerals especially potassium, the banana is our friend. Eat some before a long run , during and after, to keep the energy levels high. But what do you do, with the skins? The billions of bananas we eat result in billions of banana peels which are typically thrown […]

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5 Reasons to Run Early in the Morning

There are many benefits of early morning running, as opposed to evening running. I happen to be a morning person so it’s easy for me. However, if you’re not convinced, here are 5 reasons why running early in the morning is better for you! 1. You have accomplished so much already even while the rest […]

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Is Wine really Good for the Heart?

You keep hearing, time and time again, that red wine is good for the heart. But is it true? While red wine does help in reducing blood pressure, providing antioxidants, and a substance called resveratrol, moderation is key. Because if you overdo it, the other end of the spectrum is alcoholism, and that’s a place […]

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